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Under Glazes - Color Codes

What are Color Codes?

Color Codes are a versatile underglaze. They work well on bisque, greenware, Satellite Textural glazes or can be left unglazed for a tough matte finish. They can be glazed with either a leaded or lead-free glaze.

Use one coat for stroke work or three coats for solid coverage. These beautiful colors can also be used for majolica painting over LF801 Opaque White. They are non-toxic, come in 55+ beautiful shades and can be intermixed for an unlimited color palette.

Do not fire before glazing, and always stilt. Most will fire to cone 5 or hotter. Please refer to the product information manual for additional information. To view the name and product number place mouse over the paint of interest.

CC201 - Tan SanCC202 - Brown Black CC203 - MahoganyCC204 - ChocolateCC205 - OrangeCC206 - Bright Yellow CC207 - Forest Green CC208 - Turquoise Gem CC209 - Blue Green C210 - Medium BlueCC212 - PinkCC213 - Purple
CC214 - Opaque White CC215 - Gold CC217 - RoseCC218 - Silver GrayCC219 - Light Flesh CC220 - Sand CC221 - Gray Beige CC222 - Lime CC223 - Rust CC224 - Light BlueCC225 - Pale MoonCC226 - Charcoal
CC227 - Coral CC228 - LavendarCC229 - Rose MauveCC230 - Dark Turquoise CC231 - Indigo Blue CC232 - Dark GreenCC233 - Peacock CC234 - NavyCC235 - Leaf Green CC236 - BlackCC237 - PeachCC239 - Blue Gray
CC240 - Country Blue CC241 - Brite RedCC242 - Brite OrangeCC243 - Brite YellowCC244 - Lilac CC246 - Celedon IceCC247 - Clown RedCC248 - Circus RedCC249 - Citrus OrangeCC250 - MarigoldCC251 - Baby BlueCC252 - Night Green
CC253 - Pink Flesh CC254 - Sunshine CC255 - Dark BeigeCC256 - Neutral Brown CC257 - Ocean Green

The following group of SS colors contain small specks for a delightful change from the solid colors.

SS1 - Dark StoneSS2 - Grey StoneSS3 - Blue StoneSS4 - Almond Stone

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